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We strive for your satisfaction, hence, any qualifying courses bought on Edera are subject to a refund within a 7-day window. Should you find yourself dissatisfied with a course for any reason, you have the option to request a refund, ensuring that your request aligns with the criteria outlined in our refund policy.

Please note that specific limitations may apply, and certain purchases may only qualify for credit refunds. For further details on our refund policy, kindly refer to the information provided below.

Our 7 Day policy :

Although our 7-day refund policy aims to offer students a risk-free learning experience, we also prioritize protecting our instructors from fraud and ensuring they receive fair compensation on a reasonable schedule. Therefore, any refund requests received after the specified window will not be processed.

Additional Reasons for Denied Refunds :

In cases where we suspect refund abuse, we retain the discretion to limit or deny refund requests. Such abuse may include, but is not restricted to, situations where a substantial portion of the course has been consumed or downloaded before the refund request, multiple refund requests for the same course by a student, or an excessive number of refund requests.

Users whose accounts are banned or whose course access is disabled due to a violation of our Terms will not be entitled to refunds. Refunds for subscription services will not be issued after the 7-day period.

These refund restrictions will be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.

Refunds for Bundles Purchased through a Third Party :

As the payment for the bundle was handled by a third-party vendor, we do not possess the transaction details and thus cannot initiate a refund on your behalf. To request a refund, kindly reach out directly to the third-party vendor responsible for the transaction.